Your most important team of all may not be at work.

When you finish work and return to being a partner in a couple, do you often experience any of these things?

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  • You feel like your partner does not really “get” you?
  • You feel like your partner is not listening?
  • While you want to be quiet for a while, does your partner always want to be "doing something?"
  • Is your partner always planning and scheduling in advance, while you just want to "play it as it lays?"
  • Do arguments sometimes erupt because one of you comes up with fun ideas more than the other?
  • Do you want empathy and compassion but get only problem-solving instead?

If you have discovered that Myers Briggs training has helped you at work, then you now have the opportunity to learn how it can help you at home.

Introducing:  Myers Briggs Coaching for Couples

We can help reduce the stress that many couples experience because of their unseen, unacknowledged, but natural and valid differences!


As The Bard once said, "I'm NOT crazy!  I'm just not like you!"


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